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Most support issues can be addressed by viewing the Support Information below, but you can email other questions to richdizz@outlook.com.

Support Information

Here are a few tips to ensure the best experience using the Tiny Links app for SharePoint:

Q: Do you have a video that shows how to use Tiny Links?
A: Yes, you can check it out by using this Tiny Link: http://spo.cc/tinyurl

Q: Why use a Tiny Link?
A: URLs in SharePoint can get very long and almost impossible to manually capture correctly. Tiny Links will generate a unique 7-character string for the URL. A long URL like https://tenant.sharepoint.com/sites/myteam/subsite/Document/MyFolder/SalesPresentation.pptx can be simplified to http://spo.cc/a1b2c4d

Q: How do I create a Tiny Link?
A: A Tiny Link can be created through the Ribbon or Context Menu for most pages, files, and items. Just look for the "Get Tiny Link" menu item or ribbon button in the following locations:

Q: How does someone use a Tiny Link?
A: You can use a Tiny Link just like any other URL...embed in on web pages, send it in emails, paste it in a browser. When a Tiny Link is used in a browser, the app will redirect the user to the original url it was created for. Here, try it for yourself by using a Tiny Link to see our YouTube video: http://spo.cc/tinyurl

Q: Where can I get click analytics for my Tiny Links?
A: Click analytics by opening the Tiny Links app from the Site Content page of your site. In it you will see all the Tiny Links that have been generated (including high-level details) and drill downs to detailed time-based and geographic click reports.

Q: Can I get an export of my click analytics?
A: Not at this time, but that is a great idea for future enhancements.

Q: Is Tiny Links an app for SharePoint Online or SharePoint on-premises?
A: Tiny Links is a SharePoint-hosted app that is available for all SharePoint 2013+ deployments.

Q: What browsers does the app support?
A: Tiny Links requires a modern browser such Internet Explorer 9 and above, or the latest versions of Chrome and Firefox. Sorry, no IE8 or below.

Privacy Information

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